Health IS Wealth

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Are you ready to truly prosper and be in good health, well let’s start the journey Now. Sign up today!

Benefits of joining this Health IS Wealth Class:

· Spiritual Health class that will focus on the promises of God regarding your health and soul (mind and emotions).

· How to become the best version of yourself: Happy Healthy You!

· How to eat healthy without giving up your favorite foods.

· Focusing on Counting Nutrients – Not Calories.

· Provide you the knowledge to make changes you desire.

· How to deal with the pain in your body using natural means.

· Help you change your mindset regarding food.

· How to have a Healthy Gut.

Ultimately this class will provide you with the knowledge to live a long-satisfied life – You got the power because Health is Wealth!

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My Vision: To educate as many people as I can regarding living in good health by embracing a nutrient-filled diet. God says in Hosea 4:6 that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. We need knowledge to know how to treat our bodies and how to deal with pain in our bodies. God has placed a calling on my life to assist in educating as many people as I can regarding their health and the tools needed to live a long-satisfied life.

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Juicing Recipes
Quick Healthy Meals
Food & Nutrition
Fitness & Exercise


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$105 every 3 months

Health IS Wealth

6 ratings
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